I’m very happy to participate in Sitecore Hackathon 2022!. I participated with my teammate Daniel Pastor in the team Send Pizza and Coffee and I’m proud of what we archived. This year there were 3 topics for Sitecore Hackathon ideation.

  • Build and e-commerce Minimum Viable Product to sell community t-shirts
  • Extend the Sitecore Command Line (CLI) Plugin
  • Best addition to the Sitecore MVP Site.

Additionally we were thinking in a problematic that business have to facing during the COVID-19. One of the coolest rewards after becoming a Sitecore MVP has always been the Sitecore Swag we receive. However, due to the pandemic and changes from year to year, the delivery process can be a little confusing. We decided to make a “Sitecore MVP Swag tracker” page with some modules where the user could track the delivery status of their care package.

The value of real-time systems came into focus in 2020 as companies responded to the disruptions due to COVID-19. Nowadays, people want to have information at hand efficiently, this creates confidence in technological users, the information must be in real time, the actual generation want the information right now.

This module will display the status of the delivery in real time from an external push service which could come from a mobile app from the delivery service.

Our proposal was focused on the user experience, they could know where the MVP swag package is in the delivery process. Our technology is based in web-sockets using Pusher as key platform to our solution succeed.

Web-sockets provides a channel to broadcast to the users the information about their package tracking with the following events:

  • On Track: Send the deliver man location in real-time, the idea is that each delivery man have a mobile application that sends the geo location.
  • In Order Completed: This event notify to the website’s user that the order is completed and delivered at the door.

Finally, we provide a Sitecore Form which could be use in case that something wrong happens with the delivery, and the people in charge could get in contact.

You’ll find more information about our project in the following link: