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Passing Attributes between Components within Placeholders in XM Cloud [NextJS]

Struggling to pass attributes through Sitecore Placeholders, I explored modifyComponentProps to insert data into components but hit a snag with JSS v21.6.0. I realized ComponentPropsFactory might be causing issues, but ComponentPropsContext revealed a solution. Using @constellation4sitecore/foundation-enhancers, I demonstrated how to send properties to placeholders, simplifying data transfer to child components for cases like tab active IDs or responsive props.

XM Cloud Next.js Practices for a Smooth Development

Working with Next.js application in XM Cloud, In this article I want to summarized what I learn until now. Reserve fields only for Sitecore Fields I do consider a good practice to reserve fields field only for Sitecore fields like the following example: The reason that I consider a good practices is because in scenarios […]

Notes from a .Net Developer working with XM Cloud.

XM Cloud is a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product designed to provide organizations with a powerful platform for managing their digital experiences. As a developer, you can start learning easily by fork the following project https://github.com/sitecorelabs/xmcloud-foundation-head. To set up XM Cloud, please follow the instructions provided in the README file. One of the commands you need […]

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