I started at Verndale in December 2019. In my job interview, I mentioned that I didn’t have much experience in C# .NET MVC, because I worked in many projects in PHP with Laravel which is an MVC Framework, it’s not the same but… dude concepts are concepts. To avoid making it long, I talked about my amazing experiences in my previous company Umpacto Soluciones and all international competitions that I participated in during my university career. Including competitions in Bogotá, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, and many others in my natal city Quito.

In a few words, I considered that I love design patterns and programming concepts. In my personal opinion, this is why I see that programming is like an art, you could express all your ideas through your designs and code. Another important thing to mention is that I love challenges.

Verndale is a company that creates customer experiences, so I’m very happy to be part of this company. In my onboarding process, I learn many things about Verndale, and my first steps at Verndale was learning a new Platform called Sitecore.

Sitecore is an Experience Digital Platform (XDP), which includes powerful features like Personalization, Marketing Automatization, A/B Testing.

I got my Sitecore Developer Certification in my first month at the company and I love it. I love the way to do modules, the simplicity. The modules that I develop in Sitecore are semantic and clean.

Another important thing to mention is that I learned about Sitecore Content Hub, this is a Digital Asset Management (DAM), Content Marketing Platform (CMP), Marketing Resource Management (MRM). In my personal opinion I see this out of this world, Can you image manage all your digital assets in one platform?, and all images are automatically tagged by Azure Cognitive Services, and also integrated with Photoshop, Sitecore, One Drive, and many other services. So I recommended this platform for all companies that need to handle huge digital assets.

Finally, I could say that I’m happy in what I do. I’m going to post more about my experiences and troubleshooting in those technologies. Happy coding.